We have been operating in the legal market since 2006

and have accumulated genuine knowledge and substantial and useful experience in advising on transactions and projects, resolving business conflicts and negotiating.

Our team of professionals advises on litigation, helps protect assets in the event of bankruptcies and challenges decisions of tax authorities.

One of the most important things that we do is we attract great people into the company.

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Our Lawyers

Our team consists of legal professionals and tax advisers who successfully supervise the most sophisticated projects.

Continuous professional development is a prerequisite for all company staff. Through participation in workshops, round tables, forums on various legal subjects coupled with continuing legal practice, we help our clients achieve maximum results.

Partners in our company hold a law degree, but not only. All of them have completed Presidential Management Training Program. This helps us focus on business goals and objectives, have better understanding of business activities, and more effectively solve our clients’ problems. 

Our specialists regularly organize and lead workshops in tax planning, bankruptcy and litigation, provide comments and share their opinions on the most relevant subjects in the leading regional and federal business media.

Our Office

The Way We Do Business


For many years, we have been actively using a ProjectMate PSA-system in order to augment the efficiency.

It enables working on the projects with maximum efficiency, and optimizes our internal processes. 


At all times, our clients may obtain updated information on the status of the project or a detailed report of time spent by lawyers on the project.


Clarity and transparency of business processes, operational effectiveness and regular reporting — these principles are at the heart of our work.

Fee Policy

Our fee policy is based on the time invested by the lawyer in the project. This approach ensures accurate calculation of the cost of projects and allows to develop an evidence-based feel policy. 

We offer our clients pricing models based on hourly rates or contingency fees when payment for part of the services depends on the achievement of a particular result. 

Our Principles

In all of our activities, we are guided by the principles of maximum liability to our clients, we guarantee professionalism and the quality of services rendered, transparent reporting and justification of the fee policy. 14 years of successful work in the legal market prove that we are on the right track.